May 28, 2009

Yesterday is Today

Yeah, wrote something about yesterday, today....

Tee: Mangosteen
Belt: Vornera
Bag: Pierre Cardin
Skirt: Factory Outlet
Shoes: unbranded (ITC)

Yesterday, I pick my mom at her office. Unfortunately, when I'm on the way, I realized that my shoes are broken, and because of that I wreck them off so....

Then, I accompany my mom to Fitness First. Damn, I'm tired. But yeah, the place is cozy. They have TVs with different channels. HBO, V Channel, and so on....
In a nutshell, I'm officially one of Fitness First Platinum member! Haha. I also take the Body First package. It means, 3 times with personal trainer. And it starts tomorrow!
The package give me 3 books, bodyfuel, bodyjournal, and bodyguide.

Yeah, and today, I pick my mom again. But today, I wait her at Pacific Place.

Plain White Tee: Byford
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Scarf: don't know
Pants: Forever 21
Peep Toe: The Fly

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Janice Nerissa said...

whoa your header is very nice! and I love your blog. would you like to exchange links? I found your blog via IFB and I added you as friend there ;p
love to see your comment on my blog..