May 19, 2009

New Goodbye Greeting?

Oh, I just checked my hotmail inbox and finally I'm one of Independent Fashion Blogger member! Yaaaaaay!
Oh, and Early said there's a game (kind of Polyvore, but with models) name LookLet. So I'll try it.
Anyway, the headline of this post is my new goodbye greeting.
I found yours with cherry on top from Rachel Maude's novel, Poseur. Yeah, I think it's just someone's so I won't take it as mine.
My new goodbye greeting iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis............... strawberry smoochies!
Yeah, I don't really like strawberry for real (even never taste one!) but it's just ear-catching, isn't it? Anyway, if you aren't like it, just let me know. I think about other gg too. But, yeah, strawberry smoochies is the best gg for now.
I just about making a new header.... you'll see later! Hehe.
And you know what, tomorrow is the last exam daaaaaaaaay! WHOO-HO.
Okay, that's for today peeps.

strawberry smoochies.

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