May 7, 2009

Thursday Journey

Oh, today is a tired day. But I love it anyway. Hehehehe.
Well, the 7th and 8th are empty so we discuss about places for the photo shoot. Okay, the theme is back to basic, Around The World. I decided to named my style as France Mademoiselle. Isn't that cute? Oh, please say yes!! Hahahahahaha.
Anyway, after the long-time discussion, we finally decided to visit some places. Survey. Our first destination is Sudirman. But because if we go to Sudirman we have to pass Taman Suropati. But we think we have to feature the Sudirman first. So we left Suropati.
After it, we go to Sudirman. Looking for some strategic places for the photo shoot. And we passed Sampoerna Strategic too! Oh damn, the building is just so classy and posh.
After we browse the Sudirman street, we found nothing. Finally, we go back to Suropati again to check it out.
Oh, dear. The garden is not really good now. It's just pathetic, knowing one of Jakarta's garden become that bad. The grass aren't full to cover the stinky-flabby-brown land, the fountain aren't on full-time, oh and....... I don't know. It just looks like unmanageable.
With upset feeling, we decided to see Taman Jogging in Kelapa Gading. Before it, we go to McD first to eat. Oh dear, I'm S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G. Hahahahahaha.
Finally we see the Taman Jogging and decide to make this place as the photo shoot location. And we met Reza & Santi too :)
After playing for awhile, we finally tired and go home. First, I take Wiranti, Tania, and Sekar near Terminal Rawamangun. And then I take Tika home, and visit her house for awhile. Anyway, I love her house. It's minimalist and well just simple but chic. And then, before my car sleeping in my garage, Aldo go home. His house is near my house. About..... I don't know. But in the same area.
And finally I go home and watch Kepompong for awhile. Well, honestly, Kepompong is uninteresting anymore (at least for me). I don't know. The story is lame, I've been watching the last episode of Kepompong and it's just..... Well, I don't know. Kinda boring?
And yeah, I take a bath and finally sitting in front of my computer. Hahahahahaha. Anyway, I got the latest news. Sekar said, Phillip suggest a new place. It's Situ Lembang Jakarta, Menteng. What do you think? Tell me, tell me.
Anyway, did I already mentioned with who I go? I go with Tania, Tika, Sekar, Wiranti, and Aldo. They're just crazy!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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