May 13, 2009

Still, About Farewell

Oh, I just got a new good news!
Finally, after know that Ms. Ida will join us, my mom SAY YES! Thank God.
Finally (again), I know how to make everything happen. Surrender, and always pray to God. It's just amazing.
You know what, I'm feeling so bored about school. It sucks. I just trying to enjoy it--enjoy my last time at Tarakanita 4--but I just can't. The teachers still push us to study--I'm not blame them to do that, I know they do that for our goodness. But it's just........ pissing me off. But, still, face it as a mature women! Hahahahaha.
That's all for today. Anyway, I want to make a garage sale in my garage. What do you think?

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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