May 24, 2009


Hmm, I have lots of stories.
First of all, I wanna tell you about my newest opaque! Haha. Well, days ago, me and mom shopping at Sort of online store, come from Tangerang. And yeah, the prices are good.

My mom bought clothes and legging, and I bought a opaque.
So, to run it out, I wore it today. To church.

Umm, these days, I got many lessons. About grateful things yesterday, now about this thing.
I'm not that kind of religious person. I have religion, I'm a Catholic. I do pray, and go to church every Sunday. I love Jesus, of course, but I'm not that kind of person who read Bible, or pray with rosary. I don't even know precisely when Easter feast.
But, today, in my daddy's church (he's a Protestant), I found something that really amaze me.
The theme is My Plan, Not Your Plan.
It talks about God have plans for everyone of us. Human may be planning, but God decide. Then, I'm mirroring. I always plan what I want to happen in my life. I always think that everything must be under control.
But, now, the only thing I can do is surrender. To God. He will surely give the best for me. Cause God loves his children.
Anyway, my plan is to write down a religious song that really touching (haaah). But, unfortunately, the text is with my brotha, and he's sleeping now. So I can't write it now.

After it, we go to Mall Kelapa Gading. Me&Brotha wanna eat Burger King. So we take away the burgers and go to Food Court Gading 3. My dad wanna eat rice. Finally we sit in front of KOI, so my dad orders his food and we eat there.

And yeah, my dad wanna use the computer.
Anyways, why Blogger takes so loooooooooooooooooooooong to upload some photos?

strawberry smoochies;;


tipil said...

eh trid baju lo ngikutin deswita boombastis yak ?btw,lo boleh ke gereja kristen pake baju kayak gitu ?

Astrid said...

hah? wah gatau deh, lho emang kenapa?

tipil said...

eh trid emg ga diliatin tukang ojek?

Astrid said...

HAHAHAHAHA lucu banget lo