May 9, 2009

Flirting With Stiletto

Finally! We've just finished the photo shoot today.
I'm tired and my legs are hurts. Hiks. It feels uncomfort and..... umm, I can't describe it. Hehe.
Anyway, I saw the pictures of me, Ayu, Xavier and Nando. Kinda cute, I think. But the photographers take more photos for backup. I hope the result will be great.
Anyway, I have new fringe! Hahahahahaha. You have to see it!

Gray "I Think Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On Us" Tee: Mangosteen
Floral Skirt: Neu'Mor
Bag: Gucci
Pump Shoes: Everbest
Hairdo: Johnny Andrean
Location: Monas, Jakarta

How do I look like? Attractive, silly, stupid, or ugly? Let me know, ya ya ya ya ya?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, after the photo-session, me and Ayu go to Mom's office in BEJ (Bursa Efek Jakarta) right in front of Pacific Place. Because Mom have something to do, she told me and Ayu to wait in Pacific Place. Oh, my pleasure! Hahahahahaha. And yeah, we go to toilet first and then walking around. Finally, we decided to window-shopping at M Pacific Place, but because we were boring, we get outta M and go to Charles & Keith (actually, the real destination is Mango). Oh dear, THEIR SHOES ARE JUST FABULOUS (and of course, the extremely fabulous one is the DISCOUNT! Muahahahahahaha.)! Me and Ayu starting to see stilettos, cause she said she needs new shoes. And yeah, we promise to buy the same shoes someday.
Why I have no money for now? There are lots of sale and I just can't hold one's own? One word to describe my feeling for now: DIS-ASTER.
Oh I always pray for a money rain. Hahahahahaha. But I know it'll never happen. Or maybe it'll happen if money isn't means of exchange anymore.
The conclusion for today: I want a pair of new shoooooooooooooooes! Uh, uh. Damn.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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