May 30, 2009


Quick update, peeps.
My brotha got a new cellphone and it's kinda cool with the blue color. It's SE, the walkman series. Hmm, well, nothing to do. Keep blog-walking.
More pictures and stories later.

May 29, 2009

FFP, Have Fun DFG

Top: The B Club
Shorty: forgot the shop name
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Flip-Flop: Centro

Finally, I got my first session with personal trainer. His name is Mas Lasam, he teached my mom too, in her first time @ FFP.
Tiring, of course. But it's a lotta fun! :p I have new experience about fitness machine. Yeah, because I'm a beginner, it's kinda difficult. But, let's see later.
And DFG goes to Puncak!
I just can't imagine how fun it is. Have fun, DFG!

May 28, 2009

Yesterday is Today

Yeah, wrote something about yesterday, today....

Tee: Mangosteen
Belt: Vornera
Bag: Pierre Cardin
Skirt: Factory Outlet
Shoes: unbranded (ITC)

Yesterday, I pick my mom at her office. Unfortunately, when I'm on the way, I realized that my shoes are broken, and because of that I wreck them off so....

Then, I accompany my mom to Fitness First. Damn, I'm tired. But yeah, the place is cozy. They have TVs with different channels. HBO, V Channel, and so on....
In a nutshell, I'm officially one of Fitness First Platinum member! Haha. I also take the Body First package. It means, 3 times with personal trainer. And it starts tomorrow!
The package give me 3 books, bodyfuel, bodyjournal, and bodyguide.

Yeah, and today, I pick my mom again. But today, I wait her at Pacific Place.

Plain White Tee: Byford
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Scarf: don't know
Pants: Forever 21
Peep Toe: The Fly

May 27, 2009

So Yesterday

Tee: Ray Guy
Jeans: Unbranded
Bag: Louis Fontaine
Shoes: gift from Grandma

Yesterday, I was.....

Pick my mom @ BEJ.

Rent, and watch these movies all night (till 11.30 or something). That's why I post about yesterday today. Cause I just too sleepy after watch Wild Child. So I just reply some message on my wall, and go to sleep. Okay, maybe Asmara Dua Diana is an adult movie. But I just curious what's the movie about. Well yeah, just like other Indonesian movies....

In love with Alex Pettyfer from Wild Child.

strawberry smoochies;;

May 25, 2009

Hot Sunny Monday

Well, today. I pick my mom to airport.
Because today is so damn hot, I wear a shorty.

Sunglasses: Forever21
Tee: Gaudi
Shorty: Auntie Devy's
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Flip-Flop: Centro
Scarf (as a headband): Auntie Devy's

From airport, we go to DPD. DPD is Auntie Mega's office. We drop some cakes for Auntie Mega's fam, Auntie Nana's fam, and Auntie Debby's fam. After it, we go to Plaza Senayan. My Mom eat Tamani, and I a cup of Cold Stone. I'm in love with a pink handbag from Louis Vuitton (it's in the etalase).

After it, we go to ITC Cempaka Mas. Seeking for Grandma's batik. After we got it, we walk around and then finally get into the car. I found a fake Louis Vuitton handbag, exactly the same with another Louis Vuitton I saw at PS.

After it, we go to Tiki to deliver my Grandma's batik that we bought from ITC. Yeah, that's for today.
Here are some of my family. My aunties from Medan, I think.
And you know what? Tomorrow I have to go to school..... Damn it.

strawberry smoochies;;

May 24, 2009


Hmm, I have lots of stories.
First of all, I wanna tell you about my newest opaque! Haha. Well, days ago, me and mom shopping at Sort of online store, come from Tangerang. And yeah, the prices are good.

My mom bought clothes and legging, and I bought a opaque.
So, to run it out, I wore it today. To church.

Umm, these days, I got many lessons. About grateful things yesterday, now about this thing.
I'm not that kind of religious person. I have religion, I'm a Catholic. I do pray, and go to church every Sunday. I love Jesus, of course, but I'm not that kind of person who read Bible, or pray with rosary. I don't even know precisely when Easter feast.
But, today, in my daddy's church (he's a Protestant), I found something that really amaze me.
The theme is My Plan, Not Your Plan.
It talks about God have plans for everyone of us. Human may be planning, but God decide. Then, I'm mirroring. I always plan what I want to happen in my life. I always think that everything must be under control.
But, now, the only thing I can do is surrender. To God. He will surely give the best for me. Cause God loves his children.
Anyway, my plan is to write down a religious song that really touching (haaah). But, unfortunately, the text is with my brotha, and he's sleeping now. So I can't write it now.

After it, we go to Mall Kelapa Gading. Me&Brotha wanna eat Burger King. So we take away the burgers and go to Food Court Gading 3. My dad wanna eat rice. Finally we sit in front of KOI, so my dad orders his food and we eat there.

And yeah, my dad wanna use the computer.
Anyways, why Blogger takes so loooooooooooooooooooooong to upload some photos?

strawberry smoochies;;

May 22, 2009

Personal Perspective

Today my mom go to Medan, to attend uncle Rudi's engagement.
Hmm, what should we share today? Oooh ya. It's about our lives.
Well, I try to make this blog more worthy. Umm, like, sharing my opinions about social problems, or giving more proves about the reality of peeps that living in the capital city (such as photos or videos), Jakarta.
Today, I wanna share about something really near from me. My neighborhood.
I'm living in Kayu Putih. I live in front of a adequate settlement slum. Well, not exactly in front of the adequate settlement slum, but near from it.
So, every afternoon (or should I call it dewfall?), there will always an event. Umm, not exactly an event, but kinda joint exercises. There's an instructor, and lots of woman. And up-beat music too. But they do it on the street, that's why I'm sad. One, because they using public facilities. And because they use public facilities, they disturb people. Two, I'm surely sure that they can't afford a field or even a room somewhere for their activity. I know they only wanna-b healty and yeah, again, friends, they can't make it because a cliche and all-we-definetly-know reason: money!

taken by: my maid
location: in front of my house street

And, when I'm in the car with my mom (way to Bara--a tailor--before pick my brotha from school and then go to airport) , I saw this in the Kayu Putih river street.

taken by: me
location: near Kayu Putih river

See? Some people live happily in a big posh residences, how about them?
Some people complaining why they have no money for shop some shoes (just like ME, huff -.-), and they think 'will I eat today'?
It's just too ironic to see. Well, yeah, from what I wrote I know I have to be grateful, because I can eat everyday (even choose what I wanna eat), and have enough money to hanging with fams and friends. Okay, maybe my wallet is empty right now, but yeah... okay, just skip that one.

strawberry smoochies;;

May 21, 2009

Grandpa, We Hope You Happy In Heaven

Exactly today, is the memorial day of my Grandpa. He passed away 9 years ago. And my family come today to remembering him. When we pray, some of my family crying. I'm trying to not cry, cause it's just I don't know..... well yeah, I hope Grandpa in heaven right now. Love you bunch, Grandpa.
Anyway, today is resurrection of Jesus Christ. I'll go to church at 4.30 pm.
Soooooo..... umm I have nothing to tell ya. Oh, and the photos of today..... I'll upload it at Facebook. You may check it, hehe.
Oh yeah, I have a new quote from uncle Robert. He said, "You can't always get what you want". I just love it. It was like, telling me to not acting selfishly.
Oh, before I forgot this one. I finally learning about something.
Well yeah, it's just like, umm, just act you didn't need them (the beloveds), and they will come to you! Hahahahahaha. I just apply it yesterday, and it works!
Yeah, that's for today. More updates coming later, divas!

PS. My look become the Look Of The Day May 21st! I don't know how they pick it. Randomly or the real picky?

May 20, 2009

Blue Summer

New header, like what I promised.
Anyway, my dad had an accident today... around Pramuka fly over. Thank God my dad was fine. And yeah, the car is totally screwed up, my Dad said.
Oh and you know whoooat? Today's my last day at school! Well yeah, there will some days I have to go to school and wear that uniform.
Anyway, I just colored my nails into blue! Hahahaha. I just think blue is the best color for this summer.
This is one of my stupid photo with blue nails:

How is it look like?
Anyway, give me your opinion(s) about my new headerrrrrrrrr, please? Hehe.
I need advices! Hahahaha.
Oh, and why my GGG aren't online for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays? Okay, maybe I supposed to be forgot him all the way but it's just HARDDDDD-OOOOOH.
Hah. Okay. That's for today, darlings!

strawberry smoochies;;

May 19, 2009

New Goodbye Greeting?

Oh, I just checked my hotmail inbox and finally I'm one of Independent Fashion Blogger member! Yaaaaaay!
Oh, and Early said there's a game (kind of Polyvore, but with models) name LookLet. So I'll try it.
Anyway, the headline of this post is my new goodbye greeting.
I found yours with cherry on top from Rachel Maude's novel, Poseur. Yeah, I think it's just someone's so I won't take it as mine.
My new goodbye greeting iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis............... strawberry smoochies!
Yeah, I don't really like strawberry for real (even never taste one!) but it's just ear-catching, isn't it? Anyway, if you aren't like it, just let me know. I think about other gg too. But, yeah, strawberry smoochies is the best gg for now.
I just about making a new header.... you'll see later! Hehe.
And you know what, tomorrow is the last exam daaaaaaaaay! WHOO-HO.
Okay, that's for today peeps.

strawberry smoochies.

May 18, 2009

A Flashy Flash Update: Geography!

Hey darlings! Oh, guess what thing in my hand now..... (okay, beside the keyboard, of course) SOAL-SOAL LATIHAN UJIAN NASIONAL BIDANG STUDI: GEOGRAFI.
Guess how pathetic I am, muahahaha.
Anyways, this is just an update. So you keep missing me. Nyahahahaha. Dears, I have to end this post here. Damn, continue to read about siklus hidrologi and sooooooo on.
More pictures, bey-bs (how to read it: babies), and stories later. This geography papers is starting to intimidating.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 15, 2009

Annoying Seducing

Okay, my second post today. Well, I wanna tell you about someone. Well, as if he will open and read this. But it's just in case and to kill the time--I'm sleepy but I won't sleep (stupid).

Well, I know this isn't my place to communicate what I feel and well, yeah, this is kinda selfish and jealousy, but that's the real thing about me.
This person, is upside down-ing me. Umm, maybe you don't get what I meant. This person's kinda playing with me. Sometimes this person popping my hopes, sometimes he shuts it down. Okay, finally revealed: it's a guy!
Umm, he treat me well, he care about me, he said sweet things to me. And it's just.......... lovely. He's an incredibly lovable person.
But sometimes, he drown me in a jealous river by heard about his crush. It's just annoyingggggggggggggggggggggggg!
About how perfect this girl's life, how incredible she is, bla bla bla. And me? S-t-u-c-k u-p.
Okay, maybe I should get over him. I know I should. Or I must?
It's just I can't resist him.
Well, I know I already over him yester-days. But it's just so hard for me to stand by what I decide, because he's so...... I don't know, seducing?
Umm, yeah, I wouldn't cry for this one. Not anymore.
We will seperate this year--or even this month? We're going to different high school. And after I finished my high school later, I'll take my college time at Melbourne--I really HOPE so. And yeah, it means we will seperated by million miles away. So I hope we can forget each others and living our lives normally; without having any contact anymore.
But he's on my MSN list! Damn. That's one of the problem; why I can't resist him.
Oh, damn, he's still online right now. What should I do? We were talking about few minutes ago, but I have to stand by this. I have to end this. He have his girl, I take my life back. Win-win solution.

P.S. Should I offline and go to sleep?

as always, yours with cherry on top!

Top 10 Most Wanted Fashion Items!

You know what? I just lost 3 kilograms!!!! Oh deaaaaaaaaar! It's a great great news for me. I just weighing this afternoon, and found myself in x2! (x=? you guess!)
And yeah, here they are my most wanted fashion items ;p

10 Most Wanted Fashion Items:

Aren't they just loooooovely? ABSOLUTELY THEY ARE! Haha.
From above: scarf, high gladiator, ankle boots, wedges, opaque, ugg boots, flat shoes, leather bikers jacket, cut-out boots, oxford shoes.
Tell me about your top 10 most wanted fashion items too, darlings. So maybe we can share each others?

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 14, 2009


I'm crazy about POLYVORE!
Polyvore is a game. It's about mixing and matching clothes, shoes, bags, and of course, accessories. The items are so........... stunning. I can't resist them. I've been made umm, 12? 13? Umm, okay. 15 sets.
You have to check it out this fab game: (click on it).
I will practice a lot to be better setters (just like some masters--you can check their masterpiece too).
Thanks to Ayu, for introducing this fascinating game! ;)

P.S. Okay, this is my second post for today..... is that kinda 'too much'?

as always, yours with cherry on top!

Sunny Rainy

Raining again this morning! Haha. But, going to afternoon, it turns so hot and sunny. I just finished my proposal. Finally, I give it to Auntie Devy--she works at Sosro--so might be she wants to be one of yearbook sponsor.
Well, that's short post for now.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 13, 2009

Still, About Farewell

Oh, I just got a new good news!
Finally, after know that Ms. Ida will join us, my mom SAY YES! Thank God.
Finally (again), I know how to make everything happen. Surrender, and always pray to God. It's just amazing.
You know what, I'm feeling so bored about school. It sucks. I just trying to enjoy it--enjoy my last time at Tarakanita 4--but I just can't. The teachers still push us to study--I'm not blame them to do that, I know they do that for our goodness. But it's just........ pissing me off. But, still, face it as a mature women! Hahahahaha.
That's all for today. Anyway, I want to make a garage sale in my garage. What do you think?

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 12, 2009


As what I predicted before: straight to the NO.
But, yeah, I try to accept it. Trying to be a mature daughter, trying to understand why they not allow me to attend this farewell party.
It's kinda sad, I know. They'll have fun over there, laughing and joking. And me? The only thing I can do is whispering from the phone; enjoying their voices.
Uh, it's kinda hard to accept but okay. I try to be mature and throw over my childish self-centered feeling.
Sorry guys, I cant' join your happiness....

Flash News

My class is planning a farewell party. First plan is Anyer, but after Gisela browse the internet, the cottages prices are just bullshit. So we think another plan, maybe Puncak? Well, the most important thing I have to think now is just A PERMISSION. If I success get through that, everything will gonna be okay. Readers, let's pray together. Amen.
Oh, I hope my mom will say yes. Next information I'll tell ya'll later!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 11, 2009


Oh dear, today's RAINING! How much I missing rainy day.......
Hmm, ok. What should I tell you today? Well, nothing special. Oh, SCHOOL IS BORING!
I just can't resist myself to sleep or force myself to wake up and learn. Cause, well, yeah, I think that National Exam is OVER, so...............
That's for today. Uh, uh, before I forget. I HOPE MY SCHOOL WILL FLOODING TOMORROW! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

May 10, 2009

Definetly Bankrupt

I've just bought a GoGirl! (May edition). It talks about passion.
Well, from all the tips & tricks they made, I was thinking about my passion. Well, I can't decided what's my real real real passion to focus. Is that fashion designing? Or journalism? Or even music? But, for now, the only thing I adore is fashion. No matter is that designing or even combining clothes. Oh yeah, I just joined The place for fashionistas around the world. Anyway, I've been thinking to improve and update my boring closet. It's just SO LAST YEAR and I was, like, damn, what the hell is this? But, again, unfortunately........ I AM BANKRUPT (you usually call this kind of situation as kanker--kantong kering in Indonesia language). And yeah, I'm stuck.
We (me and mom) were in Charles & Keith a few hours ago, and I saw lots of treasure. Okay, maybe my mom said they were just plastics with high prices and great design. Instead of, you bought a bad quality with bad design but cheap price.
I have to work, I think. Cause I just sick of those lovely, cute and elegant stilettos, flat shoes, wedges, or even boots! Damn.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 9, 2009

Flirting With Stiletto

Finally! We've just finished the photo shoot today.
I'm tired and my legs are hurts. Hiks. It feels uncomfort and..... umm, I can't describe it. Hehe.
Anyway, I saw the pictures of me, Ayu, Xavier and Nando. Kinda cute, I think. But the photographers take more photos for backup. I hope the result will be great.
Anyway, I have new fringe! Hahahahahaha. You have to see it!

Gray "I Think Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On Us" Tee: Mangosteen
Floral Skirt: Neu'Mor
Bag: Gucci
Pump Shoes: Everbest
Hairdo: Johnny Andrean
Location: Monas, Jakarta

How do I look like? Attractive, silly, stupid, or ugly? Let me know, ya ya ya ya ya?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, after the photo-session, me and Ayu go to Mom's office in BEJ (Bursa Efek Jakarta) right in front of Pacific Place. Because Mom have something to do, she told me and Ayu to wait in Pacific Place. Oh, my pleasure! Hahahahahaha. And yeah, we go to toilet first and then walking around. Finally, we decided to window-shopping at M Pacific Place, but because we were boring, we get outta M and go to Charles & Keith (actually, the real destination is Mango). Oh dear, THEIR SHOES ARE JUST FABULOUS (and of course, the extremely fabulous one is the DISCOUNT! Muahahahahahaha.)! Me and Ayu starting to see stilettos, cause she said she needs new shoes. And yeah, we promise to buy the same shoes someday.
Why I have no money for now? There are lots of sale and I just can't hold one's own? One word to describe my feeling for now: DIS-ASTER.
Oh I always pray for a money rain. Hahahahahaha. But I know it'll never happen. Or maybe it'll happen if money isn't means of exchange anymore.
The conclusion for today: I want a pair of new shoooooooooooooooes! Uh, uh. Damn.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 7, 2009

Thursday Journey

Oh, today is a tired day. But I love it anyway. Hehehehe.
Well, the 7th and 8th are empty so we discuss about places for the photo shoot. Okay, the theme is back to basic, Around The World. I decided to named my style as France Mademoiselle. Isn't that cute? Oh, please say yes!! Hahahahahaha.
Anyway, after the long-time discussion, we finally decided to visit some places. Survey. Our first destination is Sudirman. But because if we go to Sudirman we have to pass Taman Suropati. But we think we have to feature the Sudirman first. So we left Suropati.
After it, we go to Sudirman. Looking for some strategic places for the photo shoot. And we passed Sampoerna Strategic too! Oh damn, the building is just so classy and posh.
After we browse the Sudirman street, we found nothing. Finally, we go back to Suropati again to check it out.
Oh, dear. The garden is not really good now. It's just pathetic, knowing one of Jakarta's garden become that bad. The grass aren't full to cover the stinky-flabby-brown land, the fountain aren't on full-time, oh and....... I don't know. It just looks like unmanageable.
With upset feeling, we decided to see Taman Jogging in Kelapa Gading. Before it, we go to McD first to eat. Oh dear, I'm S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G. Hahahahahaha.
Finally we see the Taman Jogging and decide to make this place as the photo shoot location. And we met Reza & Santi too :)
After playing for awhile, we finally tired and go home. First, I take Wiranti, Tania, and Sekar near Terminal Rawamangun. And then I take Tika home, and visit her house for awhile. Anyway, I love her house. It's minimalist and well just simple but chic. And then, before my car sleeping in my garage, Aldo go home. His house is near my house. About..... I don't know. But in the same area.
And finally I go home and watch Kepompong for awhile. Well, honestly, Kepompong is uninteresting anymore (at least for me). I don't know. The story is lame, I've been watching the last episode of Kepompong and it's just..... Well, I don't know. Kinda boring?
And yeah, I take a bath and finally sitting in front of my computer. Hahahahahaha. Anyway, I got the latest news. Sekar said, Phillip suggest a new place. It's Situ Lembang Jakarta, Menteng. What do you think? Tell me, tell me.
Anyway, did I already mentioned with who I go? I go with Tania, Tika, Sekar, Wiranti, and Aldo. They're just crazy!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 6, 2009

Photo Shoot Costume

Finally I know what I have to wear this Friday for Yearbook Photo Shoot. At least I know I must wear a floral skirt and thanks to Auntie Devy for her kindness to borrow me her skirts to trying on! (smoooochie)
And yeah, finally the practice exam is O-V-E-R! But, here they are the school exam. Voila.
Anyway, I think I'm a little skinnier? I don't know. I just look at the mirror and see. I'm not weighing yet. I'm afraid if I'm wrong and then being upset. Hahahahahaha.
Oh yeah, I through the religion test, too. While waiting for the school-over-bell ringing, me, Ayu, and Tiffany make some video parody. Okay, we looks so silly. If Tiffany upload it to Facebook (we create it by her phone), I'll copy it and upload them here.
That's for now (I can't promise I'll not write anything later, hehe).
Oh, one thing. If you can tell me how to promote my blog, just comment this post, please? PLEASE? I need it. Thanks. I just love to hanging around with the bloggers--and also read their posts too. I love to share my life and hope you may share yours too.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 5, 2009

Bad Mood

Today is suck. Damn, I think today's my unlucky day. But whatever. Anybody can save me? I'm just........... shit, my pencil case is gone. My body hurts. What's next?

May 4, 2009

Just About Today

Gila ya, hari ini itu capek banget. Saking capeknya, gue males nge-post pake bahasa Inggris hari ini karena gue udah males mikir grammar dan segala macemnya itu.
Hari ini test olahraga. Pertama-tama, disuruh lari sprint. Abis itu lompat jauh, dikasi kesempatan 3x, nanti diambil nilai lompatan yang paling jauh. Yang ketiga, basket. Gue sih yang pas dribel bolak-baliknya masih belom siap bener jadinya bola-nya lari-lari (ah kayak siap bolanya bakal bisa dikontrol aja). Terus abis itu masukin ke ring. Target nilainya 5 bola yang dimasukin, gue cuma bisa 2! Oh my. Abis itu senam lantai. Nah, ini dia. INI DIA. Nightmare banget ya ampun. Materi yang diujiankan: roll depan, roll belakang, kayang, sama sikap lilin. Oke, mungkin Raditya Dika bakal lulus karena dia kan jago-nya kayang tuh. Kalo gue?!
Oke, setelah ketakutan yang begitu mendalam hingga menjalar ke bagian dasar jiwa dan raga (ah lebay abis), akhirnya gue berhasil melewatinya!! Walaupun roll-nya gak lurus-lurus amat tapi lumayanlah. Walaupun gue gabisa kayang dari berdiri, tapi ya at least gue bisa kayang gituloh. Abis itu sikap lilin. Sekali gue belom pas, akhirnya gue ngulang lagi. Berhasil. Sudahlah, yang pasti sudah lewat dan sudah selesai.
Abis itu ganti baju, trus pada ngomongin soal yearbook. Akhirnya kita putuskan buat foto di Sudirman sore-sore. Jadi latarnya gedung-gedung gitu. Fashion & The City.
Abis itu, akhirnya pulang. Terus kan nungguin Talita tapi ga nongol-nongol, akhirnya gue sama Ayu nyari.
Akhirnya, ketemu juga di depan aula. Ternyata Talita belom maju. Yaudah kita tungguin. Terus ya gue kan gak dijemput hari ini, pulangnya naik bajai. Yaudah, gue nawar-nawar kan 7 ribu. Sebenernya gue ada duit 10 ribu tapi 3 ribu udah gue pake buat minum abisnya aus banget gitu. Gue udah nawar 3 bajai tapi gak ada yang mau. Semuanya pada mau 8 ribu. Akhirnya ada satu bapak-bapak mau 7 ribu sampe depan rumah gue. Gue sebenernya kasian sama dia. Soalnya waktu gue ngasi uang 7 ribu itu dia kayak pasrah gitu. Ya ampun, coba tadi gue gak beli minum, mungkin gue bisa ngasi uang lebih sama dia. Gue ngerasa jahat, tapi ya apa boleh buat? Nasi udah jadi bubur.
Yaudah, akhirnya gue pulang trus gue minta dibikinin sandwich tuna. Terus gue tidur deh.
Sekarang baru bangun lagi, aduh lumayan deh udah istirahat beberapa jam. Hmm.
This is for today. Wish me luck for tomorrow; praktek IPA bo!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 3, 2009

Family Gathering

Actually, I want to post something new yesterday. But, because my mom have to finish her work so I can do it today.
Well, yesterday is my family gathering. Firstly, my auntie Debby and uncle Ferry pick me at my house and we go to their house. And then we eat soto while we wait for my cousins come, David & Jonathan. Moreover, my auntie's children--also my cousins--is sleeping. After the cousins all ready, we go to Pacific Place. First of all, because my cousins want to play, we go to the playground. I forgot the name... Amazing land or what? That is in the floor 5 or 6 are likely, that under Kidzania.

Top: yd.
Skirt: Rampage
Bag: Louis Fontaine
Belt: Vornera
Shoes: The Fly

After it, we go to Pancious, a place that serve pancake. Oh dear, I miss pancake so bad! I order Black Forest Pancake Double. Damn, I ruin my diet program. But whatsoever, I don't care because I looooove pancake! Muahahahaha.

Well, before I forgot, I see this picture below on the way I go to Pacific Place. Stupidly funny.

Anyway, after Pancious, we decide to go to PuttPutt. It's a mini golf course. But not just golf, there are many kinds of games there. We play there and after the golf-time, my cousins want to fishing. We got 9--or 8--fishes!

After it, my uncle Robert and auntie Mega want to deliver me home. I have funny times with Bimo, my youngest cousin on my way home. Before they deliver me home, we stop at Hotel Borobudur, my uncle has some business there with his colleague. And then, they come to my home. Bimo takes a bath in my bathroom, and then after I don't know--about a hour? Or more? Or less?--Bimo go home with his parents.
Nice family gathering day :)

P.S. More photo? Seek in my facebook (Astrid Emia), thank you!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

May 1, 2009


I'm deadly boring at home. First plan is, I will watching Watchmen with Ayu, Dona, and Krystle. But unfortunately, I can't join them because there's no one could pick me to La Piazza.
And I think, how about taking pictures? But, my dad got the digital camera with him. So I can't take pictures. How about looking the latest runway? That's a good idea. And I've got these:

There are more in my desktop document. And, now, I'm crazy over Louboutin's shoes! Damn, I seek them in Google and gosh, they're AWESOME!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

Roasted Tuna Sandwich

Hoam..... Morning all. I just woke up from sleep about 10 minutes ago and well, I can't sleep tight last night.
Something happened yesterday, but really sorry I can't tell you here what was that.
Okay, because I feel hungry, I call my maid and said I want breakfast but she said there's nothing at home so she has to go to Indomaret, nearest market from my house.
I've been thinking to search about How To Make Tuna Sandwich. Now I found it! Here's the recipe:

Roasted Sandwich With Tuna Salad
6 Lembar roti tawar, panggang sebentar
100 gr daging tuna kalengan, suwir-suwir
1 buah telur, rebus, kupas, potong membulat
2 lembar keju cheddar
40 gr kacang polong kalengan
2 lembar daun selada
1 buah tomat, potong membulat
1 sdm saus tomat
1/2 sdm saus sambal
2 sdm mayonnaise
1 sdm bawang Bombay cincang
½ sdm margarin

Cara Membuat:
1. Panaskan margarin, tumis bawang Bombay hingga harum, tambahkan ikan tuna, kacang polong, saus sambal dan saus tomat, masak sambil diaduk hingga mendidih. Angkat. Tambahkan saus mayonnaise, aduk rata. Sisihkan.
2. Siapkan roti tawar, alas dengan daun selada. Beri tumisan ikan tuna, ratakan. Beri potongan telur, tomat dan lembaran keju.
3. Tutup atasnya dengan lembaran roti yang lain. Potong-Potong. Atur dalam kotak bekal.
(Untuk 3 Porsi)

After looking for this recipe, I take a look for Healthy Diet for Teens (in Indonesia language). But I found nothing. Well, there's a kinda Q&A in the result, but I don't think it's good cause they answering people question, but not in public way. I mean, their tips is just for some people. So, for me, I need tips in public way, such as don't eat this and this, or drink this or this.

Peeps, I think I have to end this post for today.

as always, yours with cherry on top!