May 15, 2009

Annoying Seducing

Okay, my second post today. Well, I wanna tell you about someone. Well, as if he will open and read this. But it's just in case and to kill the time--I'm sleepy but I won't sleep (stupid).

Well, I know this isn't my place to communicate what I feel and well, yeah, this is kinda selfish and jealousy, but that's the real thing about me.
This person, is upside down-ing me. Umm, maybe you don't get what I meant. This person's kinda playing with me. Sometimes this person popping my hopes, sometimes he shuts it down. Okay, finally revealed: it's a guy!
Umm, he treat me well, he care about me, he said sweet things to me. And it's just.......... lovely. He's an incredibly lovable person.
But sometimes, he drown me in a jealous river by heard about his crush. It's just annoyingggggggggggggggggggggggg!
About how perfect this girl's life, how incredible she is, bla bla bla. And me? S-t-u-c-k u-p.
Okay, maybe I should get over him. I know I should. Or I must?
It's just I can't resist him.
Well, I know I already over him yester-days. But it's just so hard for me to stand by what I decide, because he's so...... I don't know, seducing?
Umm, yeah, I wouldn't cry for this one. Not anymore.
We will seperate this year--or even this month? We're going to different high school. And after I finished my high school later, I'll take my college time at Melbourne--I really HOPE so. And yeah, it means we will seperated by million miles away. So I hope we can forget each others and living our lives normally; without having any contact anymore.
But he's on my MSN list! Damn. That's one of the problem; why I can't resist him.
Oh, damn, he's still online right now. What should I do? We were talking about few minutes ago, but I have to stand by this. I have to end this. He have his girl, I take my life back. Win-win solution.

P.S. Should I offline and go to sleep?

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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