May 25, 2009

Hot Sunny Monday

Well, today. I pick my mom to airport.
Because today is so damn hot, I wear a shorty.

Sunglasses: Forever21
Tee: Gaudi
Shorty: Auntie Devy's
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Flip-Flop: Centro
Scarf (as a headband): Auntie Devy's

From airport, we go to DPD. DPD is Auntie Mega's office. We drop some cakes for Auntie Mega's fam, Auntie Nana's fam, and Auntie Debby's fam. After it, we go to Plaza Senayan. My Mom eat Tamani, and I a cup of Cold Stone. I'm in love with a pink handbag from Louis Vuitton (it's in the etalase).

After it, we go to ITC Cempaka Mas. Seeking for Grandma's batik. After we got it, we walk around and then finally get into the car. I found a fake Louis Vuitton handbag, exactly the same with another Louis Vuitton I saw at PS.

After it, we go to Tiki to deliver my Grandma's batik that we bought from ITC. Yeah, that's for today.
Here are some of my family. My aunties from Medan, I think.
And you know what? Tomorrow I have to go to school..... Damn it.

strawberry smoochies;;


ayu senatriwikan said...

eh itu kacamata yang lo beli di forever 21 yaaa? itu asli ggak sih ? rayban gitu kan ?

Astrid said...

iya, aslinya forever 21 haha bukan kok, itu bukan rayban