May 20, 2009

Blue Summer

New header, like what I promised.
Anyway, my dad had an accident today... around Pramuka fly over. Thank God my dad was fine. And yeah, the car is totally screwed up, my Dad said.
Oh and you know whoooat? Today's my last day at school! Well yeah, there will some days I have to go to school and wear that uniform.
Anyway, I just colored my nails into blue! Hahahaha. I just think blue is the best color for this summer.
This is one of my stupid photo with blue nails:

How is it look like?
Anyway, give me your opinion(s) about my new headerrrrrrrrr, please? Hehe.
I need advices! Hahahaha.
Oh, and why my GGG aren't online for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays? Okay, maybe I supposed to be forgot him all the way but it's just HARDDDDD-OOOOOH.
Hah. Okay. That's for today, darlings!

strawberry smoochies;;

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