September 19, 2009

Givency got it


Givency Shoes -- Open Toe Lace Up Booties

At least, it makes me feel better after the cut last Thursday. Too sad to say, it costs $1195! It's about eleven million rupiahs, which is means, I can't afford it.

September 17, 2009

This is it

You'll never know how much I miss you. You won’t see it in my face. You'll never know that I'll never find another guy that could take your place.... 'Cause I'll be smiling when I see you. No, my tears won't ever show. I might always love you, but you're never going to know.

I need you. I need that guy who can make me laugh just by the way he says hello when I pick up the phone. The guy who makes my hands shake when I'm sitting next to him. And the guy who isn't afraid to keep hugging me when I'm not ready to let go yet.

I don't have the heart to hurt you, that's the last thing I want to do, but I don't have the heart to love you.... not the way you want me to.

He waits for her to understand, but she wont understand at all, she waits all night for him to call, but he wont call anymore, he wait to hear her say "forgive," but she just drops her pearl black eyes, and prays to hear him say "I love you," but he won't tell her no more lies he waits for her to sympathize, but she wont sympathize at all, she waits all night to feel his kiss, but always wakes alone, he waits to hear her say "forget," but she just hangs her head in pain, and prays to hear him say "no more, I'll never leave again," How did we get this far apart? I thought this love would last forever.

I remember the day that you asked me to let you go. You were slowly walking away and I asked "wasn't my love good enough?" then you turned around and said, "No.... it was too much”.

I said I didn't cry much when you went away. I told you I can move on and I will be okay. I said I was happy when you found someone new. The sad thing is you believed me even if I didn't want you to.

You didn't intentionally break my heart; you even said you were sorry. But I cried anyway… I know the truth that you're too scared to admit, you're with her, but when you look at me, you can't remember her name.

You grab her hand as I walk by; our glance becomes a stare. The tension that remains with us is more than I can bear. You cannot keep pretending that I mean nothing to you, because I see it in your eyes. And only eyes are true.

If I should die tonight, and the reason remain unknown, tell not to the whole world, but to the one I love that I died of a broken heart. Not because he loved me too little, but because I loved him too much.

Sometimes I think life would be easier without all these feelings that make living so complicated. There would be no hate, no anger, no jealousy, no fear. But there would also be no love, no joy, no hope, and let me repeat, no love. That's the kicker you see. A life without love is an endless monotony.

You love somebody and then you don’t love them anymore. But if you really love somebody, you always love them, don’t you? Isn't there always some small part of you that still reads their horoscope in the paper every day?

When I asked you to kill me, I never expected this. Here I lay, once a joyous and happy soul, now only an empty nothing that once was but never will be again. You murdered me in the worst possible way: a broken heart.

It has to be hard to watch someone you love change before your very eyes and know you can't do anything about it, but it must be heartbreaking to remember the way they once were.

Love is like an eclipse; if you wait for it long enough, it's bound to happen.... but you have to wonder if it's worth it, because it just leaves you in the dark!

People always say to follow your heart but what they don't tell you…. is that, just because you follow your heart, it doesn't mean there'll be a happy ending.

When I see you two together, my heart breaks in half. Not because I hate her, and not because she doesn't deserve you. It's not because I still love you. It's because I always told you that you deserve the best, and now I'm afraid that you've found it.

Falling in love is like setting yourself on fire hoping not to get burned.

Have you ever fallen in love, but knew they did not care? Have you ever felt like crying, but knew you'd get nowhere? Have you ever watched them walk away, not wanting them to go? And whispered 'I love you' softly, not wanting them to know? You cried all night in misery and almost went insane. There's nothing in this world that causes so much pain.

It hurts to see someone you love ignoring you, it also hurts to see that he doesn't feel your love. But it hurts even more to know that he loves you too, and just doesn't want you to know.

I want you to hate me as much as I loved you.

Look around you, hearts change; I know they do.

When you become the victim of a hateful heart, trust your soul and walk away.

It's amazing how much somebody can break your heart and still you love them with every broken piece of it.

Ever notice that the people who hurt you the most are the ones you tend to love more?

You called me up and we talked about the person you love and how perfect she is and there was silence. I was trying to stop my tears from breaking as I uttered the most difficult reply I've ever made.... I'm happy for you.

I wish I was a little kid again, scraped knees are easier to fix than broken hearts.

The only thing that hurts more than a broken heart is knowing, if you had the choice to do it all over again, you would.

When I was with you everything was perfect, I would forget every trouble and problem... I'd even forget to breathe. Now you're gone and every trouble and problem seems bigger than the world. I hate it without you... I hate remembering to breathe.

I don’t understand why I like you. I know I can’t have you, but I still want you. I know that you’ll never want me the way I want you. But I just keep dreaming, knowing that I can’t have you and it hurts but I continue dreaming, and so does the pain.

There's someone else I'm finally thinking of. Someone else's smile is taking over my heart. I'm trying so hard not to let you know that I still am trying to let go. I'll be damned if I let you know.... that I still find it hard to sleep at night. Someone else is making me smile but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped crying for you.

taken from here.
well, umm, maybe it sounds too much (I EVEN google a broken-heart-quotation website! Gawd.).......... but, this is how I feel.