May 10, 2009

Definetly Bankrupt

I've just bought a GoGirl! (May edition). It talks about passion.
Well, from all the tips & tricks they made, I was thinking about my passion. Well, I can't decided what's my real real real passion to focus. Is that fashion designing? Or journalism? Or even music? But, for now, the only thing I adore is fashion. No matter is that designing or even combining clothes. Oh yeah, I just joined The place for fashionistas around the world. Anyway, I've been thinking to improve and update my boring closet. It's just SO LAST YEAR and I was, like, damn, what the hell is this? But, again, unfortunately........ I AM BANKRUPT (you usually call this kind of situation as kanker--kantong kering in Indonesia language). And yeah, I'm stuck.
We (me and mom) were in Charles & Keith a few hours ago, and I saw lots of treasure. Okay, maybe my mom said they were just plastics with high prices and great design. Instead of, you bought a bad quality with bad design but cheap price.
I have to work, I think. Cause I just sick of those lovely, cute and elegant stilettos, flat shoes, wedges, or even boots! Damn.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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