May 3, 2009

Family Gathering

Actually, I want to post something new yesterday. But, because my mom have to finish her work so I can do it today.
Well, yesterday is my family gathering. Firstly, my auntie Debby and uncle Ferry pick me at my house and we go to their house. And then we eat soto while we wait for my cousins come, David & Jonathan. Moreover, my auntie's children--also my cousins--is sleeping. After the cousins all ready, we go to Pacific Place. First of all, because my cousins want to play, we go to the playground. I forgot the name... Amazing land or what? That is in the floor 5 or 6 are likely, that under Kidzania.

Top: yd.
Skirt: Rampage
Bag: Louis Fontaine
Belt: Vornera
Shoes: The Fly

After it, we go to Pancious, a place that serve pancake. Oh dear, I miss pancake so bad! I order Black Forest Pancake Double. Damn, I ruin my diet program. But whatsoever, I don't care because I looooove pancake! Muahahahaha.

Well, before I forgot, I see this picture below on the way I go to Pacific Place. Stupidly funny.

Anyway, after Pancious, we decide to go to PuttPutt. It's a mini golf course. But not just golf, there are many kinds of games there. We play there and after the golf-time, my cousins want to fishing. We got 9--or 8--fishes!

After it, my uncle Robert and auntie Mega want to deliver me home. I have funny times with Bimo, my youngest cousin on my way home. Before they deliver me home, we stop at Hotel Borobudur, my uncle has some business there with his colleague. And then, they come to my home. Bimo takes a bath in my bathroom, and then after I don't know--about a hour? Or more? Or less?--Bimo go home with his parents.
Nice family gathering day :)

P.S. More photo? Seek in my facebook (Astrid Emia), thank you!

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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