May 1, 2009

Roasted Tuna Sandwich

Hoam..... Morning all. I just woke up from sleep about 10 minutes ago and well, I can't sleep tight last night.
Something happened yesterday, but really sorry I can't tell you here what was that.
Okay, because I feel hungry, I call my maid and said I want breakfast but she said there's nothing at home so she has to go to Indomaret, nearest market from my house.
I've been thinking to search about How To Make Tuna Sandwich. Now I found it! Here's the recipe:

Roasted Sandwich With Tuna Salad
6 Lembar roti tawar, panggang sebentar
100 gr daging tuna kalengan, suwir-suwir
1 buah telur, rebus, kupas, potong membulat
2 lembar keju cheddar
40 gr kacang polong kalengan
2 lembar daun selada
1 buah tomat, potong membulat
1 sdm saus tomat
1/2 sdm saus sambal
2 sdm mayonnaise
1 sdm bawang Bombay cincang
½ sdm margarin

Cara Membuat:
1. Panaskan margarin, tumis bawang Bombay hingga harum, tambahkan ikan tuna, kacang polong, saus sambal dan saus tomat, masak sambil diaduk hingga mendidih. Angkat. Tambahkan saus mayonnaise, aduk rata. Sisihkan.
2. Siapkan roti tawar, alas dengan daun selada. Beri tumisan ikan tuna, ratakan. Beri potongan telur, tomat dan lembaran keju.
3. Tutup atasnya dengan lembaran roti yang lain. Potong-Potong. Atur dalam kotak bekal.
(Untuk 3 Porsi)

After looking for this recipe, I take a look for Healthy Diet for Teens (in Indonesia language). But I found nothing. Well, there's a kinda Q&A in the result, but I don't think it's good cause they answering people question, but not in public way. I mean, their tips is just for some people. So, for me, I need tips in public way, such as don't eat this and this, or drink this or this.

Peeps, I think I have to end this post for today.

as always, yours with cherry on top!

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