May 22, 2009

Personal Perspective

Today my mom go to Medan, to attend uncle Rudi's engagement.
Hmm, what should we share today? Oooh ya. It's about our lives.
Well, I try to make this blog more worthy. Umm, like, sharing my opinions about social problems, or giving more proves about the reality of peeps that living in the capital city (such as photos or videos), Jakarta.
Today, I wanna share about something really near from me. My neighborhood.
I'm living in Kayu Putih. I live in front of a adequate settlement slum. Well, not exactly in front of the adequate settlement slum, but near from it.
So, every afternoon (or should I call it dewfall?), there will always an event. Umm, not exactly an event, but kinda joint exercises. There's an instructor, and lots of woman. And up-beat music too. But they do it on the street, that's why I'm sad. One, because they using public facilities. And because they use public facilities, they disturb people. Two, I'm surely sure that they can't afford a field or even a room somewhere for their activity. I know they only wanna-b healty and yeah, again, friends, they can't make it because a cliche and all-we-definetly-know reason: money!

taken by: my maid
location: in front of my house street

And, when I'm in the car with my mom (way to Bara--a tailor--before pick my brotha from school and then go to airport) , I saw this in the Kayu Putih river street.

taken by: me
location: near Kayu Putih river

See? Some people live happily in a big posh residences, how about them?
Some people complaining why they have no money for shop some shoes (just like ME, huff -.-), and they think 'will I eat today'?
It's just too ironic to see. Well, yeah, from what I wrote I know I have to be grateful, because I can eat everyday (even choose what I wanna eat), and have enough money to hanging with fams and friends. Okay, maybe my wallet is empty right now, but yeah... okay, just skip that one.

strawberry smoochies;;

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