May 6, 2009

Photo Shoot Costume

Finally I know what I have to wear this Friday for Yearbook Photo Shoot. At least I know I must wear a floral skirt and thanks to Auntie Devy for her kindness to borrow me her skirts to trying on! (smoooochie)
And yeah, finally the practice exam is O-V-E-R! But, here they are the school exam. Voila.
Anyway, I think I'm a little skinnier? I don't know. I just look at the mirror and see. I'm not weighing yet. I'm afraid if I'm wrong and then being upset. Hahahahahaha.
Oh yeah, I through the religion test, too. While waiting for the school-over-bell ringing, me, Ayu, and Tiffany make some video parody. Okay, we looks so silly. If Tiffany upload it to Facebook (we create it by her phone), I'll copy it and upload them here.
That's for now (I can't promise I'll not write anything later, hehe).
Oh, one thing. If you can tell me how to promote my blog, just comment this post, please? PLEASE? I need it. Thanks. I just love to hanging around with the bloggers--and also read their posts too. I love to share my life and hope you may share yours too.

as always, yours with cherry on top!


Anonymous said...

Ud keren kok blog nya! Cma saran gw klo emg mw pke bhsa Inggris,pke Inggris terus Strid! Konsisten gt maksud gw! Ok? GBU...


Astrid said...

Oooh oke Gis. I know it's you! Hehehehehe. Thanks yaaaaa. Saran yang sangat membangun! :)