June 10, 2009

Up and Gowns



Headband (the black one, in above pictures): cut it from my old shirt
I Think Your Boyfriend is Cheating On Us Tee: Mangosteen
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Jeans: unbranded
Wedges: Vi something, I forgot

Hello, peeps!
Hmm, I finally take my gowns from QZM Tailor. They're cute. Looking forward to drop it at Farid Payet. I have no idea what's the english word for payet.
On Saturday, me and my family from Dad, will take some photos for family photos. The women should use pink or red. I wanna use my batik soft pink gown (which one I designed, haha), but mom said the camera will not take it cause it's just too soft. So I don't know what to use.
Oh, and I think I would escape the farewell party with 7th&8th grader. Yeah, I shouldn't miss it, but I just too lazy.
Maybe I will come to school for the last exercise on 19th, and finally the day. Fuck off, I'm nervous.
Damn, my hips are fucking big--especially in the pictures.


thefashionduo said...

Astrid, fotonya kecil banget...
coba dipost dulu ke tinypic.com...terus baru ditaro ke blog lo..biar keren
just a suggestion though... :)

Astrid said...

hehe makasih yaa, post berikutnya dibikin lebih gede deh hehe ;)