June 11, 2009

Scream B for Bali!

Good evening, dearest clownssssssssssssssss. (we do know that there were lots of clowns in circus, right?)
What should I tell y'all today? Hmm. I woke up at 3.oo pm or 3.30 pm.... I forgot. Because a call from my mom. She said my grandma (from mom) ask her about when I'll start school again, cause my grandma asks her about holiday in Bali. And I said it's 11th July if I finally go to DB. But still, I still waiting for public school, but DB is okay.
So I call my grandma and she'll book the tickets for 6th-9th July. Awwww, can't wait for Bali! Oh, and of course I still curious about my scores. Do I pass it or not? God, please.
Those shits are for now. Keep updating!

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