June 7, 2009

My Bloody Valentine for Sims?

Blazer (or what we should call it? Have no idea): gift from Grandma
White tee: Prive
Bag: Auntie Devy's
Shorty: forgot the shop name
Flip-flop: Centro

Finally I watch My Bloody Valentine! Whoa. Overall, nice movie. And tragic movie, I could say. But, Jensen Ackles&Kerr Smith are handsoooooome. It's 3D, so we have to use the 3D glasses. Kinda uncomfy for me, cause I'm wearing glasses (for minus&astigmatism). That's why I'm starting to thinking about soft lenses. But there were lots of risks I have to face if I use soft lenses. My mom said, we have to be careful. Yeah, I think I'm not strict enough to use it, but yeah, we'll see later. I watch it at Blitz Megaplex, Mall of Indonesia (MOI).
It's kinda creepy cause we saw lots of tragic scenes. But yeah, that's the art. They make it looks so real. I cried for some scenes, because there were lots of shocking moments. Oh yeah, and the music effect. It makes us feel the scenes deeper.

Oh, and I bought The Sims 3! I'm not patient enough to start it and play it. But, unfortunately, the disk has some errors, so I have to switch it with the new one. Damn. But yeah, hope the game's great!

Looking forward for the cheats!


Sol said...

added you to my blogroll!

finesa said...

wow.film my bloody valentine emang keren =)