June 14, 2009

Longing for Tomorrow

Hello, clowns! Pffft, have some headlines to go!
First of all, June 20th is just about days, and it's.... I don't know.
And, umm, I got some photos from the fashion show! It's Intan Avantie's (Inav), and I forgot the another designer. Whoops. Sorry. They designed well, and the kebayas and dress are great. I drink wine and 2 glasses of Coca Cola (carbs!!!!). The food&beverages are great, and the place is so cozy. I sit on the same table with 2 guys and a girl. They were the same ages like me, I think, and they're nice. A goodie bag for each guest, and lots of prizes that night, but I'm not really interesting, hehe.

Ruffle Blouse: bought from MOI, the label is wreck
Jeans: Mom's
Bag: Gucci
Pump shoes: Everbest

Intan Avantie's, sorry for the blur pictures

And about my vacation to Bali, the schedule had changed. From July 5th 'till 8th. The vacation people are my grandparents (from Mom), my cousins and I. We stay at Adi Jaya Hotel. Review about the hotel coming up, guys. Before my review, you may check this site (click) if you interest to see their basic info. Oh, and FYI, I'm not showing off, I just give you some reference what hotel should you pick if you're going to Bali. It's just, like, 'oh well that hotel's terrible, but the another's good. A friend had stayed there, and she said.....' It's about helping people. But whatever.
Anyways, yesterday I've finished the family photo shoot. Here, eat some photos. Well, yeah, I wore the same blouse, like I wore to attend the Maroush fashion show. I don't have any white blouse except that one. So I ask my maid to wash it and dry it as fast as she can, so I can wear it again on the next day. And she's doing great! Of course not the same jeans, hehe. The one I wore on Friday is Mom's (never imagine how could it be..... My slim mommy, and of course with her small size jeans, and it fits me.... umm, okay.), the other I wore on Saturday is mine, and it's high-waisted. Thank God, my grandma from Dad gives me a new white blouse. Even with long sleeves, but whatever. Thanks Grandma!

Do I look weird? Hmm.

So, I finally know what I wanna wear for the graduation day. My polkadot white-red dress with a red belt and black opaque. The last thing to think about is the shoes. What you girls would wearing, with heels or not? I think I'm not. But yeah, not so sure. Need to ask more girls. Should I wear make-up? Those kind of little stuff I'll think later.
Uhhh, I wanna watch MTV Insomnia, but, my mom said she won't see me wake up at 13.00 pm again...... Besides, I have to take my Don Bosco uniforms tomorrow. I miss the saturday part, I'm kinda late, so.....
Well, umm, I have to attend the DFG meeting for our beloved teacher, Miss Ida at 9 o'clock. So I have to take my uniforms at 8 o'clock or 8.30. Gonna wake up at 7 tomorrow!


Eleh said...

oh my you're soo cute!!!!

Astrid said...

hihi thanks kak Eleeeh :)