June 9, 2009

Remember Me?

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Peeps. I just finished this book: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.
Four thumbs up for the book!
It tells about Alexis Smart. Oh, a must read for girls!! I love this book from the way Sophie wrote it. I just can't close and put this book in my bag. It's inspiring.
Speaking about book, I want to collect her other books, especially the shopaholic series. Found Sophie here.
Still about the book. It's control my feeling, really. In some parts I can laugh, in some parts I wanna cry (especially the last chapter). Something makes me touched is about Jon. Well, if I tell you about Jon here, it will be no surprise anymore, hehe.
Oh, and a very stunning news!
My mom got a fashion show invitation from Maroush - Middle Eastern Restaurant (click) on Friday. I'll accompany her (and maybe Auntie Devy will join us). Can't wait, I'm so excited!! What should I wear? There were no special dress code but yeah I still thinking. Any ideas? Oh, and for graduation dress, I still have no idea what should I wear too.
And I'm so lazy to attend the Farewell With 7th&8th Grade on Thursday. What about........ skipping the event? Haha.

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