October 3, 2008

A Poetry For You

Everyday I see you in your class
Laughing, smiling, looking at her eyes
I want to cry, don't ask me why
Cause I don't know

The thing is, you're still here
Deep down inside, I can't erase
Once again, don't ask me why
I don't know

When I'm lonely
Sometimes my tears falling
Because my stupid head
Remind me of you; and all those things you give me

I destroy everything
I destroy your heart and also mine
Cause I did those mean things to you because
I don't accepted what happened to us

Sometimes when I'm alone
I think about the time, when you will found someone else
I'm frightened, restless, and submitted
But I knew the certain time will come

I dedicated this poetry for someone
Someone I love, I miss, and I care about him
I wish someday he'll realize
He was a world for me


aciiit said...

bagus banget kereeen (y)(y)

Astrid said...

makasih acit sayaang hehehe

Talitha Archierber said...

wiiihhh poem nya kereenn

Astrid said...

makasih talita beibehkuuw wekeke :p