December 24, 2008


Honestly, I'm sleepy. But--stupid me--I can't sleep.
Okay, cause it's been so long long long long time since my last post, I decide to make a new post today.
What we will talking about? Argh. Have no idea -,-

Okay. First of all, I want to tell you about my score report. OH HELL NO. It's horrible.
Ya, I mean it. My mom so mad cause of that shit score report and yeah, what I have to do? Ta-da.
Actually, I regret it.

Okay, I hate to talking about it. So we talk about my holiday.
Today (because it's already Wednesday) me and my family will go to Bandung. I hope it'll be fun.

Oh ya. I think I have a new crush but wa-la I don't know why, for this person I make an exception. Yeah you know something that for this guy only thing?
He was tall, and cute. And calm, and a basketball player. And of course not one of my exes. But I'm not really sure that he likes me back. Cause he never--okay, sometimes--sending any message for me.
It's awful.
(I know, the word "awful" is just too much for this situation.)

OH YA! Finally, I found something to tell you about!
About my little accident.

So, that was Wednesday.
There's a game in my school backyard. Football game. My class (9.1) vs 9.2. And the game ended up with 9.2 as the winner.
Then, I walk through the field but.... BRUK!
I fell, and everyone just staring at me and come to make a circle over me. They're panicked. So do I. I sit and start to cry. Fuck, what a mess for me.

"Are you okay?"
"Are you feel fine?"

Then I know that was Econ who crash me up.
"Trid, maaf ya. Trid lo gapapa kan?" he asks me panicly.
I can't say anything. Speechless.
My back and my waist... oh gees.

Nutshell, I come home early from the others. My family was just so panic and ya you know...... Then finally I know what happened to me. My back swelling, and I feel so stiff in the whole body. Gees. What happened to me?

Finally, until now I feel fine.

I think I have to force myself to sleep.
See ya, bubye!

P.S: Maaf ya kalo banyak grammarnya yang salah, maklum masih belajar haha :)


Talitha said...

yea your parent were so paaaaniiicc they even told your grandpa about that accident.

astrid said...

HAHA iya tuh untunglah gue gajadi di scan say haha