August 24, 2009

Online all the time: Youth & New Media. The impact of social networking and the online world on Indonesian culture

Internet is a media to exchange information from one to another. To keep close even when you’re miles away. We all know there are some social-networking websites. Such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Myspace, etc. When I was chatting with some friends in a conference chat, I asked them, “How often do you check your Facebook or Twitter?” and they answered with one same word, “everyday”.
To be honest, I’m one of them too. After school, I sit in front of my laptop and directly sign-in to Windows Live Messenger and reply some walls on Facebook. I’m addicted to this. To this kind of urban habit.
Maybe, our parents give us this internet facility to accommodate our study needs. Such as, looking for some meanings in Google, or exchange information one to another. But, most of the time, we use it for our virtual social life.
For me, those social-networking websites are good ideas to expand knowledge and intercommunication with others. Like, you meet someone from England on Omegle. Talking about their culture, the way they interact to each other, their favorite hang-out sites, etc.
From the internet, we can see lots of people wearing some open clothes. These days, Indonesian people act like them. Like, posting some bikini-moment in their accounts. If we see from Eastern culture point of view, this kind of habit is inappropriate. Indonesian culture is mostly about traditional ways of clothing. Which is mean all over your body is closed.
So, there were lots of things we could get from the internet. And of course, there are some impacts too to the Indonesian culture. So, there is a question. Are we gonna trapped in this point of view forever? Let’s be creative to show our Indonesian culture bravely, show your potentials to the world! Cause we are Indonesian, we are youth, and this is our conference.





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