July 14, 2009

School and some Missing Things

I miss you all clowns!!!!
Not posting something for days make me miss you.
I've been 2 days in my new school. For real, I miss Tarakanita 4 so bad. I don't know, that place seem so 'homey'. Maybe I'll love DB too, but, for now, I feel ordinary. Hey, I just about 48 hours there! Need more adaptation session.
Well, not much to tell ya. I've done MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa/Students Orientation Time), and officially a student of Don Bosco II.
I'm starting to learn tomorrow, hope I can through it well.
Dumbass, I miss someone so bad. It's just days (or already weeks?) I'm not talking to him. He's a real funny but so fucking annoying guy, I love to hang with. No, I won't take this as crush, I'm get over him. You could say I have no feeling about him right now, but yeah, I miss him. Kind of. Keep pretending I don't need him but the real fact I am. Fuck off.
I have a lot of stories to tell him. About holidays, about my new school, new friends, new seniors, even my new laptop hehehehehe.
I was nudge him on MSN days ago, but no respond. Maybe he doesn't accept my nudge? Or he won't to talk to me?
Ha. Possibly the second option.
Anyway, I've got my new laptop. The brand isn't poop-ular enough, yeah. It's A*Note. But, if you compare with some other laptops with the same specs, this laptop I bought is cheaper. It's pearl white. Hey, brands can't guarantee us right?
I'm on Tumblr browsing........ Thinking about to make one. What do you think? I already have some acconts, should I add one more? Kinda complicated to manage them, actually. The most active site for now are Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. My account in some more social networking based website are not as active as them.
Anyways, gotta hit the bed. School-time tomorrrrrrow!

P.S. I'm not installing Adobe yet, so I'm not adding a sign for this post.


Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto said...

kangen masa2 sekolah jd nya.. hahaha

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto said...

sudah di blogroll darla.. =) ia ak juga suka denim jacket nya. cuma 10 rb sih.hahha

Talita said...

gue udah punya tumblr dong trid. eheheheeheheh :p

ONiC said...

sayang kamu masuk DB yang dimana? btw sabar2 aja yah, smoga nanti cpet ketemu keasikannya hehe

Astrid said...

@vorega: thanks kak, aku link balik yaaaa
@talita: dasar gaul haha bagus gak?
@onic: db pulomas kak hehe iya makasih kak atas supportnyaa :)