July 6, 2009


Quick update from Maxi Hotel. I stay here for few days. In Medan, I did a thrift-shopping session with my grandma-from-dad, and you know what.......
I got a pair of oxford shoes (with needle heels) and a pair of ugg boots for 50.000 IDR!!!!
Damn, shit?
And I got some new things to fill up my wardrobe later! EXCITED!!!! Oh, and I got nail-art too in Kuta Beach, it's pink with some flowers in it. Photo later ;)


ONiC said...

OMG ugg boots for 50rb?? where did you thrifted at??

Astrid said...

@ onic: bukan kak, 50 ribu itu ugg boots + oxford shoes, aku nge-thrift di medan kak hehe