February 16, 2010

So-Called Love Letter

Just those days I think I'm going to giving up, you ask me the question I've been waiting for.
Just those days I'm about to leave, I'm about to left it all behind, you ask me the question I was dying to hear.
That day, that date, finally I know you're mine. Finally I declare to the world, we're official.
As the time goes by, days come and go, every message you sent, every message I replied. Every night we spent by the phone, every words we spoke.
I feel grateful, I am grateful. I have you here, I have you everywhere I go--inside this tiny mind, this tiny heart-shaped hole.
Sure we have some stumbling blocks, of course we do.
But, this faith I'm holding to, this newbie relationship we should run into is a prove. A prove to the world that you and I is a packet. A packet of cheeseburger and coke, sushi and wasabi, scarf and Hermes, perfume and Chanel.
I am imperfect, I am. I really thank you for giving me a chance. Thanks for loving me back, thanks for everything.

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day. I love you.

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